Carol Carlson:

"Stephanie Lynn can change the way you feel about your horse and yourself as a rider. She sees the positive and builds on that. Something she said years ago sticks with me ​"any horse and rider can be made better - it just takes time and the right teacher - and sometimes the right teacher is the horse". 

Kelly Ponce:

"Stephanie Lynn has an uncanny ability to see where a rider is in their riding, even if she's just met them, she tailors her instructions accordingly.

I know that with Stephanie's keen eye and meticulous guidance, my horse and I have developed a better partnership through better horsemanship. 

Stephanie's experience has opened my eyes to a wonderful new perspective on riding, horsemanship and competition."

Lessons: For all Stages and Ages

Building better horsemen, one ride at a time...


KJ Goodman:

"Stephanie's lessons are always hard work and enlightening. She works you hard, but the way she presents her material and presents the lesson is second to none. You can always feel good, even if you cannot get it down just right :) Stephanie always gives me the confidence I need to succeed."


Private or Group

Whether at home or at the horse show Stephanie Lynn will help you achieve your goals. Stephanie offers group and private lessons to accommodate the needs of every rider. Let her years of experience help you in your quest for better horsemanship. Inquire for rates: []

Stephanie Lynn LLC AQHA Professional Horseman, Consultant, Coach & Author

Marie Costa

Kari Costa: "We had a great day at the clinic. Maria had some real takeaways. I love the way Stephanie started out with the positive when speaking to each individual.

​Maria is really excited to put some of her new knowledge to use. I think she sees that with some tweaks she can step up her game. And it is definitely different when it comes from someone other than Mom!"